For Laura...

We searched all over Youtube for the best Titanic video and this is the one that touched us most.

Bereavement is just as real, intense and painful whether the loved one that is lost is an animal or a human. For people who have a special love for animals, the pain of losing an animal can be worse.

Queen Elizabeth II once said, in her message to the families of 9/11 victims: "The price of love is grief".

The more we love, the more we grieve. Grief itself is an expression of love, part of the total experience of loving someone and an inevitable consequence of loving. One of the things that makes a soul so incredible is the ability to love, even knowing that the love will once day turn to grief. But grief is just a phase. It does heal, it does get better. We are here to help you get through that grief faster and more happily - and grow spiritually as a result.