My First NDE

 I was taking swimming lessons at the YMCA in the town I grew up in. On the day of my experience, our instructor was teaching us how to dive into the ten-foot side of the pool. I did not have a good feeling about diving.  I stood back and watched all the other kids dive; they all came out of the pool just fine.  But when it came to my turn, I told the teacher I wasn’t ready and I didn’t want to do it. Despite my foreboding, the teacher threatened me by saying, “you will do this dive or I will throw you in”. I walked to the side of the pool to do as I was told, but just couldn’t bring myself to dive into the water.  I then felt the instructor’s big hands shove me into the pool. I immediately became scared, fought the water, began to sink and take a lot of water into my lungs.  Finally, after what seemed like hours, I sank to the bottom of the pool. As I stopped fighting the water, my perception of events became very strange.  I felt no pain or fear as I laid there on the bottom. Time seemed to stand still or became suspended.  I don’t know how it was possible, but I could see clearly my mother standing on the balcony at the opposite end of the pool.  She was screaming while watching me drown.  I could see the terror and helplessness on her face.  I also saw the face of a young woman lifeguard/teacher who was on the other end of the pool with the younger children.  I could hear other people screaming.  The young woman screamed at my teacher to dive in and get me but he was frozen with fright.  I could see the top of the water rippling and moving in slow motion.  The water sparkled against the glow of a brilliant light.

I saw a bright light right above me. It was moving slowly towards me and I felt so warm and safe. Such deep love poured from this light.  The light did not hurt my eyes, although it was very bright and beautiful.  It seemed to move faster and become bigger the closer it came to me.  I felt no pain, fear or worries. In that moment, I felt such peace that I wanted to surrender to the Light.  I was totally embraced by the enormous love radiating from the Light.  This Light was about to touch me when, all of a sudden, I heard what sounded like a metal door slamming shut.  Then I felt a sudden, excruciating pain in my chest. One of the other lifeguards had jumped into the water and was pulling me out of the pool.  I was in agony, coughing, and throwing up all the water I had taken into my lungs.  I was so frightened.  I started to shake all over uncontrollably and I felt such pain in my chest and stomach.  The lifeguard pulled me to the side of the pool and I feltother hands pulling me out of the water.  I was still coughing up water and I felt so confused. After a few minutes of him working with me, I began to breathe normally again.  I knew I was going to be just fine. Yet, I was still confused about all that I had seen and felt.


Long after I had recovered from my near drowning, I wondered; what was that beautiful light?  Namely, I wondered to the identity of this conscious light and where did it come from? At that young age, I had no answers to my questions nor did I even know how to talk about it.  I never told anyone, not even my parents, about what I had experienced that day. However, I did have an “inner knowing” that whatever the Light was, it was more expansive than anything I had ever seen. Moreover, I had been changed forever because of it.  It wasn’t until I was older that I realized exactly what had happened that day.  I still marvel at the beauty, warmth and deep love that came from that Light that I now know to be God.

My Second NDE

It was midsummer 2005 I was sitting outside on the back steps of my house talking on the phone to a dear friend of mine who lived in Oregon.  It was late in the day and my husband had just arrived home from work. He had just walked passed me as I was sitting on the concrete steps.  It was just beginning to rain.  I heard thunder in the distance so I asked him if I would be safe talking on a cordless phone during a storm.  He said I would be fine, so my friend and I continued talking as he went into the house to change clothes.

About five minutes later I heard a loud crack from a lightning bolt snaking down from an angry sky. The entire sky lit up in a brilliant silvery-white. I felt the searing pain as the lightning entered into my right arm and pass through my body. I was knocked to the ground, leaving char marks on the concrete steps where I had been seated on the steps.  After passing through me, the lightning-bolt traveled under the house and blew out the transformer standing directly in front of the house.  It rendered the entire neighborhood powerless for about fourhours.

I was shaking all over.  I was sweating and sick at my stomach.  The pain in both my arm and my chest was unbearable.  I could not believe what had just happened to me.  Suddenly there was a force pulling me right out of my body. It felt like I was being peeled like a banana. What came next is very hard to put into words. The best I can describe it, I was floating into my house from high above. I was able to lookaround and could feel movement. I was very confused at this momentbecause everything in my house looked so strange. First, everything had a burnt yellow color to it.  Even the air had this color. Next, Inoticed the furniture in the house was not my furniture. For instance,the lace curtains on the windows were not my curtains! I was beginning to feel very frightened.

No one was in this house.  I wondered; where was my husband? Where did my children go?  Then there was the issue of the electrical power. I knew the transformer was blown, yet I could hear what sounded like an old time radio program playing. Did I go back in time?

Suddenly I wasn't floating anymore. I was walking through the rooms looking for the radio, or whatever it was that was making the sound, but I never could find it.  This must have only lasted for a couple of minutes, but time seemed to either stop or move in very slow motion.

Amazingly, I suddenly was transported into a totally new environment.  I found myself enfolded within the most beautiful fluffy pink and gold clouds.  They were so magnificent! I was in awe of such beauty and I felt such a deep sense of peace and complete love. The love was so big, so huge, so complete, and felt so deep.  I felt like every pore of my body was open, and I was soaking all of it in.  I was just basking in this deep beautiful love.  I felt whole, complete and totally accepted.  I had no idea what was happening.  I was moving through these gorgeous clouds laterally without moving up or down. In this love I could feel this huge conscious presence all around me.  There was such a loving presence pouring love onto me and into methat I felt I was part of this love.  It was a love I have no words to explain other than it was so beautiful!  It brings tears to my eyes, even now.

As I was in this loving presence, two men appeared and stood one on either side of me.  They were young men and looked to be in their 20’s or early 30’s.  They were blond haired and blue eyed and wore what looked like cream colored linen clothing.  There was such a brilliant glow all around them; joy seemed to pour from every cell in their bodies.   I could see the detail of the tiny weave pattern of their soft, tightly woven linen clothing.  Why that seemed important, I do not know, but it stood out very clearly. Perhaps the weave represented the interconnection of everything.   At first I thought these men were angels but quickly realized who they were.  These two men were my younger brothers who had died as babies. I just knew they were my brothers from a raw understanding in my soul. Furthermore, they looked like our father, especially when they smiled. We were so happy to see each other. It felt like a wonderful family reunion.  At the time, I couldn’t help but think how my dad would be so proud of them both.

I felt at ease in the presence of my brothers as they walked with me from the clouds to a beautiful garden situated to the left of a huge glorious city. There was an old stone wall at the edge of the garden between me and the city. The wall looked like it was made of field stone, stacked one on top of the other, with pink roses growing up and over the wall. Although I didn’t go into the city, I could see a few distant details, including a large building with a golden dome and other buildings. As I looked around the garden, I noticed that the colors were amazingly bright and vibrant and the air was sweet and clear.  I could hear birds singing and I heard water running, like there was a stream nearby but just out of sight.  There were immaculately-shaped trees and colorful flowers. I felt a silken breeze and soft, cool grass touch my skin as I stood in this breathtaking place. All the whileI sensed an all-encompassing presence pouring its infinite love out onto me.  I felt such joy and all I could do was stand in awe at thewonders all around me. I had an infused knowledge, or a simple ‘knowing’, that I had died and gone to heaven. I felt no fear, shock or dismay.  I was floating in love and acceptance.  It felt so good that I didn’t fight it.  I didn’t need to. It felt right.  

Loving people began to gather around me as I progressed further into the garden. Although I knew who they were, I didn’t know fromwhere I knew them. I noticed all of these people were around the age of 35. Their skin was pink and healthy, maybe even glowing. Interestingly, they were wearing clothing from different time periods.Some of the women wore beautiful gowns while some of the men wore fancy suits.  Others wore contemporary clothes like jeans or lounge wear. It appeared to me that these people wore what they mostfelt comfortable in, perhaps reflecting the generation they were born to on earth. Everyone was smiling and happy. It felt very strangesurrounded by so many beautiful people, yet at the same time pleasantly comfortable and familiar. It felt as if I had spent time with these people before.

Suddenly, I was shown the entirety of my life; everything I had ever said and done.  It was like watching a black and white movie on a reel. It was clear that these people gathered around to offer support.  There was no feeling or judgment throughout the process.  It just ‘was’. Ahuge loving presence stood behind me, pouring an overflowing love into me.  It was right then that I learned God does not judge us. Rather, we judge ourselves. We stand there before God in all of His glory and perfection while we watch our lives pass in front of us.  For me, all He did was love me throughout the review.  Not a word was said and the review of an entire lifetime was over in what seemed like a “blink of an eye”.  After the review, my first thoughts were “was that it? Seriously? Oh my goodness!” I wasn’t quite sure what to think about my life, but it did seem a bit incomplete. I looked at my brothers and asked “is there going to be more?” they both looked at each other and broke out in these silly grins. You may know how some brothers are, they were just smiling mischievously. I felt like they knew something I didn’t. And I was kind of hoping they would let me in on it. But they didn’t.   I was in absolute, total and complete awe at this point at the life review and everything that transpired since I died on my back steps.

I definitely sensed a planned arrangement to the events taking place,like the ordering of steps or phases to a story. My brothers and the others who gathered were still with me when I heard a male voice say, “What you put out into the universe will come back to you”. Now, that statement really gave me pause to ponder. First I wondered where these thoughts were coming from. They didn’t come from me, for Ihad never thought about things like this before.  It seemed that I had received an infusion of divine thoughts, like some form of telepathic message from God. An explanation followed. I knew that the message meant ‘good choices reap good consequences whereas bad choices reap bad consequences.’ Meaning,   when we put out love, love comes back. If we put out hate, hate comes back, if we put out stealing, and cheating, then these too will come back to us.   Things may come back in a different way, but it will still come back eventually. In a sense, what we do to others we do to ourselves.  One never knows fromwhich direction consequences are going to come from or when.  The things we think, say and do go out into the universe, gain momentum, spin, get bigger, and then come back to us like a boomerang. I don’t know about you, but I’m not so sure I want to be hit in the head with a boomerang! I believe that the opposite of love is selfishness, not hate. Hate is born out of selfishness.   I believe our world is in a very bad way today because of our collective selfishness.   It also made me think that our words do have tremendous power. To be responsible in using this power, we should fill our lives with positive thoughts,prayer, beauty, and joy.  Most importantly, the words that we speak are words that should build up everyone’s souls, including our own. When we are mindful of our thoughts, we can change the course of events by simply changing our thoughts.  In other words, we fill our souls with the lives we choose. And what we allow into our souls comes back out into the universe.  

As I stood there in the garden I noticed again how beautiful and brilliant the colors were of the flowers, trees and grass.  The reds were more red, pinks more pink, and yellows more yellow.  They were more vibrant than any colors I had ever seen on earth.  The air was sweetly fragrant, clean and clear. The sky was a gorgeous blue, like a perfect summer day. Although it seemed like mid-day, I did not see thesun. I did see a bright orb that reminded me of the sun, but this beautiful white glowing light seemed to radiate from every direction. Somehow I knew within the deepest part of my soul that the light was coming from the heart of God. I was absolutely awestruck by the amazing beauty, intricacy and details of everything around me.  I could hear birds singing in the trees. I saw a stream where the water glistened like diamonds in the sun as it flowed over the rocks.  I heard music more beautiful than anything I had ever heard before.  It was then that I noticed that everything in heaven had its own pitch andsound.  The trees had a sound whereas the leaves on the trees had their own unique vibration. The grass also had a sound, as did the rocks,water and so on. When you combined all of those individual sounds the entirety sounded like the most magnificent symphony ever created. But this was no ordinary symphony! I knew that all of Heaven was singing praises to God.  Its beauty just poured out of every leaf, rock, blade of grass, and every bird. In that moment I felt a peace and joybeyond all comprehension.

There seemed to be no time in Heaven, so I have no idea how long it took for each different step of this journey.  On one hand, it seemed like everything happened so fast while, on the other hand, it seemed that time stood still.  I began to feel as if I was attached to a giant ‘IV bottle of knowledge’.  Strangely, I was being fed all this information, and I didn’t even have the words to ask the proper questions. Joyfully, I received one“Aha” moment after another. I had been given the answers to all the questions of the universe. It felt like God was showing me how everything worked at the deepest level; it seemed so simple and logical.  I remember at one point saying with a huge smile “Wow, is that all there is to it? That is so cool. God, you are so awesome! We humans make everything so complicated and it’s really so simple.”

Following the download of information, God moved His loving and accepting light in front of me. Meanwhile, I found myself examining the front of my body.  I could see that I still had the same form as I did on earth.  I sported the same long blond hair falling down below my shoulders.  I could see my jean shorts and my feet.  But I also noticed that my body felt much lighter, it felt kind of “floaty”. On earth we are weighted down with gravity. In heaven there is no gravity. Not only did I have a weightless body, but it was also illuminated. I was glowing like everything else in heaven. I knew that my physical body was a bit of an illusion.  In reality, I was made from God’s loving energy. So the physical body did not really matter. Thus, I was no longer concerned about my body, how it looked, or whether I fit in or not. I did not need to judge myself before a God of total love and acceptance.

I was amazed to see Jesus walking out of a grove of trees into the garden. I recognized Jesus as the Son of God by a deep soul knowing. There was a resemblance from certain church pictures I had seen with His dark wavy hair falling down his back, olive-colored skin and warm dark-brown eyes. Most impactful for me was His smile that melted my heart. Jesus walked forward and began talking to me. He told me that He loved me and had walked beside me every day of my life. He told me He would never leave my side, not ever.  He then told me not to be afraid.  I just stared at Him speechless.  He was so beautiful.  To be honest, I was absolutely overwhelmed .I had always had such a deep love for Jesus ever since I was a little girl and now, I was standing with Him. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open as He professed His love for me. At that point, I no longer saw my brothers. There were still a lot of people around but my attention was solely on Jesus.  

After Jesus spoke, He escorted me to the edge of the garden to a wooded glen.  I watched golden sunbeams pour through the branches of the tall oak and pine trees. Under the towering branches, I noticed a log lying next to a stream with little flowers dotting the lush grass.  There were even pine needles and a few pine cones scattered about.  I went over to the log and sat down to listen to the water as it danced across the rocks. The air was cool and comfortable and I could hear the birds singing their sweet songs. I felt a soft silken breeze envelope me, like arms holding me, caressing me and peace filled my soul. This wasn’t just any ordinary breeze; I knew that the essence of this gentle wind was the Holy Spirit.   

As I sat down, I looked up and I saw a man sitting on the other end of the log next to me. I knew the man was God the Father. How I knew this I’m not sure. Maybe the knowledge came from an absolute knowing deep in the core of all that I was. In my experience, God had shoulder- length, dark, curly hair, a neatly cut beard, sparkling blue eyes, and a happy smile.  He looked to be about six feet tall. He wore a white robe and sandals. God, the consciousness of all, knew exactly the perfect way to appear to me so that I felt comfortable in His infinite presence. Specifically, He appeared to me as an easily approachable man that I could trust without fear. We sat on the log together for the longest time just talking and laughing.  He became silent for a moment and then turned to face me. Looking into my eyes, He asked in a quiet, gentle voice, “What would you do if it were just you and me?”

I looked at God, not having a clue what He meant, and asked, “What do you mean?”

God smiled and was patient, like a father with a young child. He asked me again, “What would you do if it were just you and me?”

I looked down at my hands in my lap, thought for a minute, and againinquired,” I don’t know what you mean?”  God was still smiling and very patiently said “imagine if there were no parents, no children, no husband, and no friends, there is just you and me, no one else”. Feeling somewhat intimidated and unworthy, I looked into His beautiful face, shook my head and stuttered, “No, I would drive you crazy after the first ten minutes with all my questions and chatter.Then you would not like me very much if it was just you and me.”  He just smiled at me with complete loving patience. He was so gentle with me that my feelings of unworthiness started to disappear.  Godthen stood up and motioned for me to follow.  We walked a short distance to the edge of the glen. Like opening a zipper in the sky, He showed me the whole universe with no one in it. There were no people, no buildings, no cars, no animals, and no trees. There was nothing but swirling, rainbow colored gases, sparkling diamond stars, and spinning planets. The entire panorama looked like a huge rainbow that stretched across the black velvet sky. It was breathtakingly beautiful, and so huge.  I never realized how big the universe really was compared to our small world.  Suddenly, we were back again sitting on the log by the stream. God asked me once again, “What would you do if it were just you and me?” Again I was at a loss for the right words to properly answer His question.  Meanwhile, I found myself looking at a very large oak tree in front of me.  I saw the details of the trunk, such as the little life-giving veins in the tender leaves and the roots beneath the ground.  What I saw was not just a tree, but the individual parts that made up the whole tree.  I also saw how important all these parts were to the life of the tree. Expanding my view, I also recognized how important the tree was to the environment around the tree. Expanding my view even further, I could see how all things are connected to each other and that every part was important to the whole of creation. I studied these interconnections for a few minutes, and sensed that my noticing this was exactly what God had planned from the beginning. Then I answered God by quoting the Koran.  Now, I have no idea why I would have answered Him in this manner since I have never read the Koran in my life. But I said, “God, your hundredth name is “God is everywhere, God is nowhere and God is in me” He said “Yes, that is right, it is, and…?”

I looked at the tree again then back at Him and said, “God, You made this tree, You are in this tree, so when I look at this tree I see You”.  God looked at me, smiling that beautiful smile again and He said “yes, and…?”

I started to think about my parents and I added “God, You made my parents; You are in my parents, so when I see my parents I see You.” Again He said, “Yes and…?”

“God, You made my husband, You are in my husband, so when I see my husband I see You.”  He smiled and said “Yes and…?”

God was trying to get me to think further, so I began thinking that there are people in this world who are cruel, even those who have hurt me. So I said “God, There are some people who I don’t really care for because they hurt others, but you made these people, you are in these people, so when I see these people, I see you.”  

God smiled at me again and He said “Yes, that is right.  Now, I have a question for you.  When you look in the mirror, what do you see?”

I looked down again at my hands and I thought for a moment. My normal response would have been something like, “I see me. I’m no one special.  It’s just me.” Yet, I felt that that just wasn’t an acceptable answer one gives to God. After all, the Creator of all things deserves a respectful and truthful answer. As I gazed into His beautiful eyes myfeelings of inadequacy melted away because of the deep love I saw in their infinite depths.  Then, I said “God, You made me, you are in me, so when I look in the mirror, I see you.”

God replied “Yes, that is right.” He seemed so happy and was smiling from ear to ear.  I could feel His joy and His deep love surrounding me. I was completely immersed in His love as He looked at me.  To me this was so important.  I could feel the hugeness of the revelationGod just taught me; I could feel it spinning in my heart and in my mind.

The lesson God taught me has been difficult for me to accept. Although, I can easily see the beauty of God in others, it is much more difficult to see God’s beauty in myself.  I find, even now, I have to remind myself that I am special and that I am beautiful. I have to remind myself that God doesn’t make mistakes or create junk. Instead, He loves me and sees me with perfect love even though I am animperfect being. Indeed, God’s perfect love makes my soul shine so beautifully. In other words, I am perfect in my imperfections.  I had struggled with low self- esteem for so many years due to other people’s criticisms. Buying into their way of thinking brought me down to a place where I could not serve God properly. What I had to learn was that real beauty shines from deep within the soul. In this manner, God shines through all of our cracks. External beauty fades with time, but real beauty comes from inside and never fades.  It is internal and eternal.  I had to learn that my worth as a human beinghas to come from inside my own heart. To God I am perfect being just me.  What I have to do is be happy with myself, find Joy in my life, and see His beauty deep within myself.  

 While sitting with God in this magnificent garden, I watched Him pick up a stick and draw little pictures in the dirt. The pictures looked likesymbols but their meaning was unknown to me. At some point during our conversation, I looked into His beautiful, crystal blue eyes and I could see His soul for just one precious moment. What I discoveredthere was holiness and purity, the likes of which I had never seen before.  In His eyes I saw eternity revealed. In this short moment I felt as if my spirit was flying freely. Without the impurities of a disconnected life, there were no fortress walls of my own making tohold me back. In that moment we were unified; I felt completely Onewith Him in love beyond all human understanding. I felt an incredible freedom and peace as His love enveloped every fiber of my being. The conversation we were having stopped as we gazed into each other’s eyes.  We were wrapped within the silken threads of this precious moment as time stood still for what seemed like eternity. Then, suddenly, for some reason, I pulled my eyes away and looked down at my hands. He just smiled with that beautiful, fatherly smile and He too looked away, going back to doodling in the dirt with the stick that Heused for drawing. We continued talking for quite a while and I felt His love surround me so completely and deeply. It was if I was the only one He ever created. And then I realized that no matter how huge the universe may be and how tiny I am in the grand scheme of things, I am a very important part of everything God created. Meaning, I have eternal worth because I am connected and interwoven with everything like the golden threads of a tapestry. What God taught me was every single thing He created is an extension of His love. God didn’t create us to serve Him. On the contrary, He serves us so that we can learn to serve others in love with Him.

To be allowed to see God so deeply was a huge gift even though it had seemed to have lasted but a brief moment. It was in that brief momentthat God had taught me how to trust Him. Although I had always loved God placing trust in Him was frightening. To me, trust meant becoming vulnerable and vulnerability usually resulted in me gettinghurt. If people would hurt me, I reasoned, why wouldn’t God? To be honest, I had learned the hard way through various relationships not to trust anyone. The world had taught me over the years of my adult life that I had to build a fortress around my heart to remain safe. But in this one moment God demonstrated that I could trust that He would never leave me.  His ever- present love created a gaping hole in my defenses and those fortress walls tumbled down. I allowed God tocome beyond the barriers I had placed around my heart. Trusting Godallows me to love Him more fully.  Loving God more fully enables me to love others with a more open heart and with unconditional love.

At last God and I finished our conversation. We proceeded to walk through the forest where we were joined by two beautiful ornately -gowned women. They led me to a serene lake at the end of the wooded area. I instinctively knew that the two womenwere angels. To my surprise, they began showing moving pictures of future events on earth. I am honestly a bit confused by all the mixed feelings I experienced as I watched these troubling events unfold. Istill felt wrapped within Gods loving embrace so I was able to endure these revelations with a certain amount of non- attachment. Perhaps my detachment stemmed from underlying shock, horror, and disbeliefof what I was watching. It all seemed surreal. I was aware that the angels showed me these world events for informational purposes. I don’t know why, as they didn’t say as far as I can remember.

What was shown to me were horrific events that stemmed from or were a result of the 911 attacks that have led to other terrorist attacksagainst our country and throughout the world. Specifically, they also showed me people being killed by bombings and shootings. I witnessed our financial institutions crumbling. In the end, our money was not worth the paper it was written on. In money’s place, I was shown silver and gold coins being used to make purchases.  They also said that in time we would return to the barter system, as we had done long ago. They also showed me many natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, and storms. Then I saw six huge waves of water covering the land. I witnessed a woman and a little boy in a car being swept off the road because of flood waters. As her car was being immersed, I saw God sent angels in the form of people pull the woman and child out of the water. The boy had already died but was revived.  The mother would go on to promote a series of spiritual videos.  Next, they revealed how corrupt governments will become and their central role in destroying peace in our world. They were so poisoned that I saw dark clouds surrounding their capitols.  In response to the corruption, I witnessed coups and rioting. I witnessedgovernments in different countries being over thrown and huge riots taking place in the streets. They showed me one particular riot where a man; threw something through a store front window while a nearby building burned. I also heard the sound of gunshots, and saw a man lying dead in the street. On a positive note, they revealed small pockets of light where loving people huddled in places called “safe havens.”  These safe havens are mostly in mountainous regions. The very last thing they showed me was a ‘silver ribbon’ splitting the United States apart.  I was told that this ‘ribbon’ was a river. I felt that it was the Mississippi River, but they gave me no explanation as to the meaning of this ‘ribbon’ other than that the ribbon becomes larger over time. With increased flooding in the Midwest, I wonder if we are now seeing seeds of events to come. They showed me so much more that it’s much to difficult to write it all down, but most things the angels showed me have come to pass.

I was surprised by the angel’s revelations. I have been even more surprised and shocked when some of these events have come to pass. Sometimes I wonder what I am to do with this information other than to pray. Perhaps my experience at the lake can serve as a warning to humanity. Perhaps God was showing me that He is the Creator of the universe and all life flows from Him. He is love and love emanates from Him. All that He created is right and good and all things are connected to God and exist in harmony with Him. When we as human beings step out of His order of doing things, when we act out of selfishness instead of love, harmony ceases to exist, and then chaos and destruction ensue throughout the world, then we are to blame, not God. God wants us to depend on Him as the ultimate source for our life and existence. Because of His great love for us, God gives us the gift of free-will. Perhaps God was showing that it’s not too late to stop this horrible course of events. But it is up to us to either choose to follow God’s direction or choose to follow our worldly, selfish ways.

As briefly mentioned, I saw a magnificent city in Heaven that had been built beyond the garden wall. As I walked through garden I saw some of the many buildings that were on the outskirts of this glorious city.  Some of the buildings looked to be made out of the finest marble with tall columns gracingeach building. I understood that there were buildings that served a purpose for everything one could possibly imagine.  There were magnificent healing buildings with glorious pools of healing water used for soul healing for those who had a traumatic death. Each building is attended by angels and others who are specifically trained to help souls in need. There are even special areas where small children and babies go. There, they are attended to by angels and other loved ones who are specifically trained to care for them and help them grow spiritually.  

I also discovered grand halls of learning and exquisite libraries containing “books” on every possible subject. The halls of learning are not schools of science like we have here on earth but schools designed for spiritual growth. People attending the halls of learning have mentors and teachers to guide them during their spiritual quest.

There are huge, lavish banquet halls with exquisite tables heavily laden with the finest meats, cheeses, breads, and fruits.  Food is not needed to sustain life in Heaven; it is manifested strictly for enjoyment.  One particular banquet hall that I saw was very large and extravagantly decorated. On rich mahogany walls hung breathtaking paintings set in heavy, ornate frames. The marble floor, polished to a glass like shine, was covered with a gorgeous pink area rug. A huge crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling. A magnificent piano sat in the corner and was adorned with a crystal vase full of roses a huge candelabra made of gold. There were many people in the room all dressed in their finest clothes. Women dressed in beautiful gowns of every color with matching jewels that glittered in the light. The men wore dress suites or tuxes while a butler holding a silver tray passed around long stemmed crystal Champaign glasses. I noticed on the other side of the room, there was a table dressed in white linens and lavishly decorated with gorgeous flowers of every color in the rainbow and huge golden candelabras. The people were all smiling and talking,while some were dancing and singing to the music of the piano. It was quite festive. I don’t know what the occasion was but it definitely was a celebration.  I was struck by how earth-like everything appeared. Perhaps God allowed souls to mindfully create, or manifest, suchplaces to help them find connection with familiar life experiences on earth. But behind every manifested object was the energy of God. In this way, it was truly the energy of love that created all things. It was love that was ultimately important, not as much the things the spiritual beings created. Beyond the city walls I saw fertile rural areas. There are many diverse areas such as grass lands, rolling hills and prairies where our beloved animals are free to roam, including our beloved pets. They too enter heaven and are there waiting for us!  As I looked around further, I noticed there were several houses or dwellings. Somewere larger than others.  One house was nestled among the trees on a grassy hillside with lush flower gardens sitting in behind the house. The house looked to be made of stone that changed color with the rays of the sun.  Another house, made of crystal sat on a bluff overlooking what appeared to be an ocean.  Each house seemed to be as unique as the individual who inhabits the house.  We create what we want in heaven provided it does not violate the loving will of God.

In sum, I became aware that Heaven is a very busy place. There isn’t time to sit around under trees eating bon bons as some may think.  Rather, Heaven is an active realm with so much to do and see. Also, there is spiritual work to be done. In this manner, I noticed that people have different jobs. They were not jobs as we know them on earth but rather, jobs that help everyone further their soul’s growth toward the divine.  

After visiting with the beautiful angels, I was sent back to my body on earth. I don’t remember being given a choice. I could feel an incredible pain radiate from my right arm into my chest as my spirit entered my body. I was momentarily confused before I fully realized that I was lying on the ground in my back yard, right next to the steps where the lightning had hit me.  I could see the phone knocked out of my hand lying on the opposite side of the patio.  It was all burnt and black.  I also saw the black char marks on the stairs where I had been sitting not long before. I was absolutely stunned by all the events that had just taken placewhile talking with God in heaven.  I knew my life had changed in profound ways.

It was hard for me to move because of the pain.  I was shaking,sweating, and nauseous. I could barely breathe.  I have no idea how long I laid there.  I tried calling out, but no one came to help. It took every ounce of strength I had to move myself into the house. I found my husband and told him what had happened.  I had showed him the char marks on the concrete steps and told him of the pain I was in. To my shock, he didn’t care and refused to take me to the hospital. My husband dismissively replied, “I don’t want to sit there waiting all evening.”   Consequently, I wasn’t able to go to the hospital that night and remained disoriented, confused and in a great deal of pain from where the lightning struck my arm. I wasn’t able to see my family doctor until a few days later. Medical tests by a cardiologist later indicated that I had suffered some minor damage to my heart as a result of the strike.  I now have a condition called a Right Bundle Branch Block, which is an electrical glitch in my heart.  The cardiologist told me that he had never seen anything like it before and that I was lucky to be alive.   He also conducted some neurologicaltesting to make sure everything else was working properly.  Nothing else of concern was found, thank God!   

After the pain in my arm subsided, I felt better than I had ever felt in all of my life. I had so much more energy than before I was hit by the lightening. One of the things I remember was I went eleven days without sleeping. Furthermore, I felt blissfully happy. That was something new for me; I felt so alive!   Not only did I feel vibrant, but I could see the life force glowing from every living thing.  I felt so connected with all of creation in oneness. I was totally in love with God, everything and everyone.  I felt like I was floating in a pink bubble that could never burst.  That's what I called it to myself because everything seemed to radiate with a pinkish glow. Amazingly, my new state gave me many heightened, extra-sensory abilities. To illustrate, I could hear the constant humming sound of electricity in the air.  I could see the petals of a flower open, as if in slow motion, and observe it orientate toward the rays of the sun.  I could see the blades of grass growing and spreading across the back yard.  I was also able to see things several blocks away as if they were right there in front of my face. Occasionally, I was fed information from that ‘IV bottle of knowledge.’ These were downloads of information, similar to what I experienced in heaven. With the information came an incredible feeling of bliss. I would only get glimpses of deep, complex information without remembering any details. Unfortunately, those bits and pieces would slip away just as quickly as they came. Yet, that‘joyful beyond words’ feeling of bliss remained after each experience. I even learned over the years that I can access that knowledge and bliss when I really need it.

After my experience in heaven, I began to perceive living beings differently. Specifically, I could see a beautiful colorful glow radiating from every plant, flower, tree, and animal. I also realized that even people have this lovely, colorful glow around them.  These auras wereof beautiful colors, bright pinks, and yellows, shades of gold, blues and greens. I also see bright whites or silver sparkles around people. That’s an amazingly beautiful thing to see. I know that I am peering into people’s soul-energy when I see their aura. This means everyone has a deeply spiritual essence guiding their lives. Furthermore, it means that every person is very close to God; for we are all walking in holiness.   

There have also been times when I have seen black or gray around certain individuals. When I see this, I pray to God for them. I do this because I know that these people are having some spiritual problemsand may be walking in darkness. I pray for them because I sense their pain from being lost. That’s all I know how to do for them.  I know God will do the rest.  

During my time in the pink bubble, I spent hours sitting in silencewhile listening, praying, and remembering my experience in heaven. In particular, I fondly recalled my conversations with God and Jesus. This recollection became one of my daily prayers. Other prayers were spoken in the quiet moments through an honest feeling, a kind thought, an earnest request, or a reflection. In similar fashion, God answers prayers in quiet moments.  He whispers in the wind. Sometimes it is all we need just to know His presence. For example,we can see Him in the beauty of His creation. We can see Him in asunrise and in the starry skies, or in a bird in circled flight.

As mentioned, I was downloaded amazing divine information while in the pink bubble. Some of that information was given to me in the form of poetry.  In this manner, God inspired me to write about His gracious love and abundant generosity in verse.  They are from God, but they are also the muses of my heart; the visions, dreams, longings, and praise songs that come from my soul.  

My Third NDE

November 2016

As I laid for months in excruciating pain, my body was tired , my spirit even more so. I tried to stay strong and not loose hope but waves of pain would overtake me again and again. I cried out in my agony "Dear God help me."  I was reminded of Jesus' suffering on the cross and how much He endured. I could not fathom His pain. I humbly prayed and I laid my agony at the foot of His cross.
Then, as another wave of pain wracked my body, I was brought to my knees, the sweat rolling off my face. I tried breathing through the pain, but nothing helped as wave after wave of agony dropped me to the floor. I cried out in despair, praying for death but it never came. The horrific pain was endless. The doctors didn't know why it was there. They ran test after test but saw nothing to explain the excruciating pain and vomiting that I had endured for so long. Two agonizing years, day after day it was the same, over and over.
I prayed and pleaded, " Jesus, please take away my pain. This cross is more than I can bare."
My husband had put me in the car and once again, there was another trip to the hospital ER. But, this time it was very serious and God was intervening. There was a surgeon on call that night. The ER doctor had called him to look at my CT scan.
The surgeon said I had a bowel obstruction and I needed emergency surgery right away. There was another patient ahead of me so I had about an hour to wait.
As I laid in the ER waiting for my surgery, I saw an angel, He was walking down the hallway. He turned and walked back towards me, watching me as he walked. I was then taken to another room on the surgery floor. And again, the angel walked up and down the hallway passing the door of my room. At one point, the angel walked into my room and said, with a friendly smile "don't mind me, I'm just here to help out.” The angel turned and walked out of my room. I knew he was an angel, I have seen them many times before. He had a look about him that I had recognized.  I found myself thinking, as We looked at each other for just one moment, that this angel was the angel of death. I’m not sure what made me think that, it was just a soul knowing.  Moments later, I was taken to surgery at which point I had my third NDE.
As I was taken into the operating room, a strange calm filled my heart and soul. I had prayed, I knew I’d be alright. God was with me and finally this horrible pain would stop.
During the surgery, my soul left my body and floated above the operating table. I could see the doctors and nurses. I saw their surgical hats on their heads and gloved hands as they were working over me. It was as if I was up in the ceiling looking down on them while they were leaning over me. This lasted what seemed like only a matter of a minute or two. Then, all of a sudden, I was surrounded by a beautiful rainbow-colored light. I began to feel as though I was moving very rapidly through this light. Then, I found myself standing in Heaven. I recognized it from a previous NDE.

Only this time, I was standing next to a golden wall that surrounded the glorious city. The wall was extremely high, very solid and made of the purest gold. I felt such a sense of pure love and peace which completely filled every pour in my body. I could hear what sounded like a celebration or a party going on just beyond the city walls. The air was pure and clean, crisp and sweet. It was filled with the fragrance of wildflowers that danced in the warm silken breeze that touched my skin. The colors were rich and vibrant. The sky was of the bluest blue and reminded me of a gorgeous spring day. There was a beautiful light that lit up the sky and was as brilliant as the sun. Yet, there was no sun in the sky, but the light illuminated everything, giving off a beautiful golden glow. I knew it came from the heart of God. As I stood next to the golden wall, I saw a magnificent, lush green meadow filled with wildflowers of every color -- rich vibrant pinks, purples, yellows, reds, violets and blues.

Then, I saw an old fieldstone wall with pink roses growing over it. It stood halfway between the garden and the golden city. As I stood there next to the magnificent wall, a tiny brown and white beagle puppy wiggled at my feet demanding my attention. As I leaned down to pet him, he barked and wiggled all over with such joy while allowing me to rub his soft little belly. As I continued to rub his tummy and played with him, I looked up and saw hundreds of people pouring out of the beautiful garden and begin walking through the meadow. Each person had an angel walking with them. The angels were taller, dressed in light blue and white colored robes and were much more illuminated than the people. The people walking with their angels were laughing and talking among themselves happily.

The people were from all walks of life -- men, women, and children of all races and all ages. Then, two men walked into my view. The younger I recognized immediately from pictures belonging to his mother who had been a friend of mine. He had died some years before. He was accompanied by an older gentleman who I recognized as his father. As they passed by, I smiled and said 'I know you.' They smiled at me and continued walking toward the entrance of the glorious city. Then, I was given infused knowledge that I had to return, as it wasn’t my time and that I was to let this man’s wife know that he and his son were together and that he was ok.

 As I progressed further, I saw a beautiful building made of the finest alabaster with columns and archways. The floor was marble and polished to a glass like shine. There were two huge ornate doors one at the front and one at the rear of the building. An angel stood at each door and each one held keys. No one could enter unless the angels allowed you entry by unlocking the door using these special keys. I was permitted inside the door and once inside I saw that there was nothing inside this huge room but a large podium and sitting on this grand stand was a huge golden book. This glorious book is what we call The Book of Life    As I walked up to the stand and looked at the book, the book itself was made of the purest gold and seemed to illuminate the entire room with a golden glow. The paper inside was made of a material I had never seen before. It was not ordinary paper but rather, more of a tightly woven cloth.  The book was open but to whose page I do not know. The writing was in gold and it was in a language I had never seen before. It looked to be some kind of symbols , some kind of ancient script. The Angel who gave me entrance was with me , still holding his key but did not speak. He just stared ahead keeping watch as I searched for the meaning of the ancient words written down before me. Since there were no answers forthcoming, the only thing I could conclude was the book was not opened to the page of my life therefore I could not read the words.

When it was time for me to leave, the Angel escorted me from the holy room and out into the courtyard of the building. He said only a few words " to read from the Book of Life is a gift. "  the angel then took his leave, returning to his post at the entrance door.

At the time, I was infused by this divine knowledge that using pendulums, and computer programs and cards is not how you properly read the holy book. It can only be accessed through the heart.

Upon entering my body, I awoke still hooked to several machines with the nurse standing next to my bedside. Later that day, when I was well enough to be taken to my room, I received a message from another friend who told me that the woman whose son I had seen (and who passed some time ago), had lost her husband that day while I was in surgery. I was not surprised as those were the two men I had seen while standing at the golden wall that day.

I wasn't sure about the puppy until I told my daughter about my experience , she began telling me about how they had had to call the police on a neighbor who lived down the street from them because this neighbor was seen beating to death a beagle puppy.  I was absolutely stunned when she told me this. So if there was ever any question as to whether our pets go to Heaven, they most certainly do, I'm  so happy to say.
When I told my friend about her son and husband being together she was grateful, and thankful and it was helpful in her grieving.