The Bereavement and Trauma Rescue Centre Bereavement and Trauma Rescue Outreach has been created to bring support and help to people suffering or preparing for bereavement.

All the members of our team have suffered bereavement and are passionate about helping others experiencing bereavement. Having been through bereavement ourselves, we empathise with the pain and issues that people go through.

We offer a new paradigm in bereavement treatment. We don't just offer conventional counselling, but instead base our approach on the evidence available for life after death. By presenting this evidence, from sound medical and scientific sources, we help people find confidence in life after death. Most people whom we have helped in this way find that the pain of bereavement is reduced from unbearable dispair to a more handleable level of pain comparable to that experienced when a loved one emigrates.

Whilst two of our core team of four are priests and a third soon to be ordained, our help is available and relevant to Christians of all denominations and non-Christians alike.