Death where is thy sting?

Death is the ultimate social taboo. We will talk about everything, much of which we maybe shouldn't, but death remains the taboo of our time due to our materialistic and unspiritual lifestyles and attitudes.

There comes a day for everyone where the subject of death must inevitably and inescapeably be faced, either a loved one or our own.

No journey should be travelled without a route map. Fortunately, there are travellers that have travelled ahead on the journey we will all travel - and have come back and told us the route and destinations of this journey.

These people are Near Death Experience survivors, many of whom have been fully clinically dead under medical supervision and monitoring. Due to advances in modern medicine and resuscitation, more and more people world-wide are returning from the brink of death and also death.

Near Death Experience survivors are witnesses, like any other witness, with the added corroboration of trained medical staff and equipment. As such, they provide strong evidence for what lies beyond death. It must be remembered that in many avenues of life, these same people if they witness a crime, accident or any other incident would be trusted for their testimony. Why should we treat them differently in these circumstances? Added to that, on return, these individuals are changed forever.